Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Now we know....

When we purchased our camper, we had no idea what it was. We searched for hours, looking at thousands of vintage travel trailers on Google. Finally we have identified what our camper it… it’s a 1956 Hummingbird. Hopefully ours will look as good as this one someday!


  1. Hi Stephanie...
    I'm vintagesusie & we also had a very cool little Vintage Hummingbird Travel Trailer! I LOVE them & yes, we found them to be rare too. I was lucky that after looking carefully above the front window, I could make out the original logo of a bird with the word Hummingbird below it. We have sold that trailer, but have 4 vintage trailers on our property as we speak..
    1 almost done,
    1 kinda done,
    1 in working condition, but parted out to finish our favorite
    & 1 is a complete mess that we use for storage! lol
    We call ourselves Trailer Trash Paradise! :)))
    Looks like you have done a lot of work so far & I know you'll love your little trailer when it's done. Write if you have questions, we've bought & sold about 80 trailers now...
    Yikes, glad my hubby does most of the work!

  2. The photos you have of the 1956 Hummingbird are of my trailer! Did you tour it in Whitebird?